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The sound of summer in all its facets


There is a rustling, sometimes a knocking, a whistling, a rattling, the sound of engines as well as enjoyable chirping. Two locals meet each other on the way to work and, in passing, briefly discuss the "state of the nation". The noises around us mix with the sounds of the morning and the place comes to life. And the best of it - these daily sounds that we sometimes dislike in everyday life affect us completely differently in the current "holiday" situation. Many already know it.... that tiny feeling of glee: "Ah, it's sooooo good watching others working!"

The "typical" breakfast

Did you know that breakfast in Germany is still celebrated differently in different regions? In the north there is a preference for a "sweet breakfast", whilst in the south for something more savoury. Historical evidence shows that the south of Germany used to be better off than the north. A sign of this prosperity was eating meat or meat products, whilst the less wealthy had to make do with the sweet version.
Either way, enjoy your breakfast here and get your strength up for a great day's holiday in Oberallgäu!

A glass of water with an espresso

The story goes back to the Arabic nomads, when water was the greatest asset and worth far more than coffee. So giving someone a glass of water to accompany a cup of black coffee was an honour.
Today there are several reasons: the sense of taste is neutralised with every sip and you can enjoy fine coffee anew. Depending on the strength of the coffee, guests also have the opportunity of adjusting the taste according to their own individual taste. And it's also healthy because coffee also stimulates the kidneys and a sip of water helps this process.